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Applications Of Herringbone Gear


Herringbone gears combine the advantages of helical gears (high load capacity) and spur gears (no axial force).

herringbone gear

In order to combine the advantages of helical gears (higher load capacity and lower noise emissions) with those of spur gears (no axial forces and lower wear), so-called herringbone gears are used in special cases.

Due to the mutual arrangement of the helices, each side will produce opposite axial forces, thus cancelling each other out. This prevents the axial thrust that must be absorbed by the bearing.

Due to the relatively long tooth length (due to tilt), herringbone gears can transmit high torque. However, the complex and therefore expensive production of this gear type is limited to special applications. (For example, for large transfers). In addition, due to structural limitations, it is almost impossible to carry out subsequent fine machining of the gear teeth (e.g. by grinding).

Herringbone gears allow high torques to be transmitted without generating axial forces. Bearing wear is correspondingly lower. The production of this gear is very complicated and therefore expensive!

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