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1 - Ball Mill End Cover
1 150x150 - Ball Mill End Cover
2 150x150 - Ball Mill End Cover
3 150x150 - Ball Mill End Cover
4 150x150 - Ball Mill End Cover

Ball Mill End Cover

  • Product Name:ball mill end cover ,cement ball mill end cap
  • Classiffy:castings
  • Material:Carbon steel, alloy steel or according to customer’s requirements.
  • Weight:5-45 tons 
  • Process:Forging/Casting – Normalizing & Tempering – Proof Machining- Quenching & Tempering – Finish Machining
  • Application:Ball Mill,Tube Mill,rod mill


IMG 20180307 111045 scaled - Ball Mill End Cover

Ball mill End cover is one of the key parts of ball mill, its structure is relatively complex, long production cycle, and high precision of processing and assembling, so when compiling process routes, one should fully consider its manufacturability. ball mill parts shell cover mainly use steel and alloy steel through the casting molding which can effectively make the shell cover achieve the best performance. The advantage of our shell cover is high hardness, and high resistance to wear, which are very popular with our customers. The large shell cover is wildly used in Cement and ball mill.

The price is for reference only. We will give you a quotation according to the drawing requirements and product specifications.

IMG 20180118 145019 scaled - Ball Mill End Cover

The end cover of the ball mill is one of the key accessories of the ball mill. The end cover is located at both ends of the cylinder of the ball mill and supported on the bearing. It is mainly used to support materials, cylinders and media.

Ball mill end cover material is divided into high strength gray cast iron, ductile cast iron, low-carbon cast steel, carbon manganese steel four categories

Processing advantages:

High-quality raw materials,mature technology
Use high-quality raw materials and mature technology to guarateen the quality.
we have a wealth of experience in manufacturing ball mill,in the production process,we continue to adopt new technologier and new process to enhance its wear resistance and pressure performance,our advanced level-2 flaw detection euqipment can detect the interior of the end cover accurately to assure the quality.
Our ball mills end cover and the matched trunnion are all in independently manufactured.We can also produce the ball mill trunnion and end cover for other factories according to customers’drawings.

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