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roller shell3 - Cast roller shell for cold rolling mill
roller shell3 150x150 - Cast roller shell for cold rolling mill
roller shell1 150x150 - Cast roller shell for cold rolling mill
roller shell2 150x150 - Cast roller shell for cold rolling mill
20230606093345 150x150 - Cast roller shell for cold rolling mill
20230606093552 150x150 - Cast roller shell for cold rolling mill

Cast roller shell for cold rolling mill

  • Name:Roller shell
  • Diameter≤410mm
  • Length≤5000mm
  • Surface FinishRa0.8-1.6
  • TechnicalCasting, Forging
  • Surface HardnessAs per different material
  • Heat TreatmentQuenching and Tempering,Carburization   ardening

Product Description

The roller shell is one of the most important parts of the rolling mill. The roller shell is a layer of material covered on the surface of the rolling mill, which is usually made of high-quality iron and steel material. The material and manufacturing process of the roller shell directly determine the life and performance characteristics of the roll.

In general, rolling mill roller shell is a very key part in the process of steel processing, its quality has a direct impact on the quality and efficiency of steel plate production. Therefore, it is necessary to attach great importance to the material selection, production process and quality control of roller shell.

The material requirement of rolling mill roller shell is very high, which generally has the following requirements:

  1. High strength: rolling mill roll must be strong enough to withstand high pressure and impact force, so as to avoid surface damage or cracks in the rolling process.
  2. Good wear resistance: the working condition of rolling mill roller shell is very harsh, which needs to resist high pressure, high temperature and other environments, as well as the wear effect of a large number of materials. Therefore, rolling mill roll must have excellent wear resistance, can be used for a long time in the process of maintaining smooth, no surface wear or fatigue cracks.
  3. Good corrosion resistance: Rolling mill roller shell may face chemical corrosion such as acid and alkaline substances and oxidation corrosion in the process of use, so it needs to have a certain corrosion resistance.
  4. Good stability: rolling mill roll in the process of work, need to keep smooth and stable, so the stability of the material becomes an important requirement.

In order to meet the working environment and process requirements of the roller shell, the roller shell produced by our company selects rigid, alloy steel, tool steel, etc., to ensure longer service life of the roller.

Product Show

Product Specifications

Surface Finish:Ra0.8-1.6;
Technical:Casting, Forging;
Surface Hardness:As per different material;
Heat Treatment:Quenching and Tempering,Carburization   ardening ;               

Our product features:

1, Ultra-strong wear resistance

2, Long service life

3, Wide use, strong practicability, high cost performance.

Product Applications

cold rolling mill for steel plant

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