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Recover 20200910 01301210 - Casting Steel Rotary Kiln Support Wheel
Recover 20200910 01301210 150x150 - Casting Steel Rotary Kiln Support Wheel
3 5 150x150 - Casting Steel Rotary Kiln Support Wheel
4 5 150x150 - Casting Steel Rotary Kiln Support Wheel
5 3 150x150 - Casting Steel Rotary Kiln Support Wheel
IMG 20201023 080957 150x150 - Casting Steel Rotary Kiln Support Wheel

Casting Steel Rotary Kiln Support Wheel

  • Material:carbon steel, alloy steel, cast iron,ect,as per request
  • Weight:1-80t
  • Precision:as per requests
  • Processing:Lathing, milling,grinding,drilling
  • Heat treatment:Annealing, normalizing, quenching or tempering
  • Certification:ISO SGS
  • Application:Rotary kiln, rotary dryer, rotary cooler, etc.

Product Description

The kiln support roller is the main part of the rotary kiln, supporting the weight of the rotary kiln, and plays an orientation role on the cylinder so that the cylinder and the kiln tyre can rotate smoothly. Generally, we have relatively high requirements for the durability of the support roller, and it is one of the indicators to measure the quality of the rotary kiln.

024 - Casting Steel Rotary Kiln Support Wheel

Rotary Kiln Support Rollers are backed by latest technology and provide desired support to cables and other related products. These support rollers are driven to rotate using friction between roller surface and web. The small friction torque of the roller bearings also allow higher speed operations and helps in avoiding possibilities of slippage due to presence of large air film between roller surface and web.

Product Specifications

MaterialAlloy Steel 35CrMo, 42CrMo,40CrNiMo
Medium Carbon Steel 35#, 45#,40Cr;
Testchemical composition, mechanical property, dimensional check, UT, MT, PT and so on.
CertificateISO9001:2015, ISO14001:2015, OHSAS 18001:2007
Molding pitThe deepest molding pit is 45m*16.1m*(-6.0m), the largest casting pit is 87m*16.1m*(-3.5m)
Heat TreatmentQuenching and Tempering, Tempering, Normalization;
Applicationmainly used in the transmission of Rotary Kiln, Mill machinery;
Surface FinishRa1.6-3.2;
TechnicalCasting, Forging, Welding;

Product Features

025 - Casting Steel Rotary Kiln Support Wheel

Features :
Coming with small friction torque of roller bearings
Rollers are close together that decrease pulling tension
Manufactured as per defined industry standards
Can also be custom designed as per client’s specific requirements

Kiln Support Roller Assembly

We are not only supplies single supporting rollers of rotary kilns but also provides assembled supporting roller assemblies.

The kiln support roller assembly can be divided into sliding bearing roller assembly, rolling bearing roller assembly, and sliding rolling hybrid bearing roller assembly according to the bearings used. At present, the sliding bearing roller assembly is widely used. Each support roller assembly is mainly composed of support roller, support roller shaft, and bearing seat. The bearing seat is equipped with spherical pads, bearing pads, thrust rings, snap rings, and other accessories.

The supporting roller supports the riding ring and rotates under its drive. The sliding bearing transmits the axial force through the groove and snap ring at the end of the shaft. The unit is lubricated by oil extraction in the oil groove and cooled by cooling water in the spherical pad. The supporting roller shaft rotates on the bearing pad, and spherical pads are set at the lower part of the bearing pad, so that the left and right bearings are always coaxial during the installation and adjustment of the supporting roller.


  1. The supporting roller has large load and continuous operation.
    The supporting roller of DEYU are usually made of ZG55, ZG42CrMo and other materials, which ensure the quality of the roller, and on the other hand, it has the advantages of large load and continuous running.
  2. Simple structure, easy to adjust& maintenance
    The supporting roller uses the rolling bearing group with characteristics of simple structure and convenient maintenance.
  3. Strict control of heat treatment . high hardness of products
    DEYU adopts normalizing and tempering procession in the roller casting, and finally the surface hardness of the outside circle is higher than 200HB, which guarantees the quality of supporting roller of the rotary kiln.

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