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1 3 - Cone crusher spare parts mantle and concave

Cone crusher spare parts mantle and concave

  • Material:Mn13Cr2, Mn14Cr2, Mn18Cr2, etc
  • Size:produced by the drawings
  • Application:cone crusher
1 3 - Cone crusher spare parts mantle and concave

Mantle and concave are main wearing spare parts for cone crusher, our company can supply plenty of mantle and concave models for cone crusher. For the material of mantle and concave, we use the high quality manganese, like Mn13Cr2, Mn14Cr2, Mn18Cr2, etc… to ensure the wear resistance. Our cone parts are widely used on mining, construction and metallurgical industry. After the modification treatment, combining with the special processing techniques, the products have a service life 10-15% longer than traditional materials.

Material CMnSiCrPS
mantle and concave8 - Cone crusher spare parts mantle and concave

Concave is installed at the top of cone crusher crushing chamber. All stones or mineral ores are crushed between it and mantle, so it is the main quick spare parts of cone crusher. With the concave, the body of machine can be protected well.

We can produce by the drawings in material as Mn13, Mn18, Mn21,Cr26, such as check plate(Mn13), jaw plate(Mn18,Mn21), concave and mantle(Mn18,Mn21), blow bar(Cr26) ect.

We can manufacture the following products:

Gear:spur gear,helical gear,herringbone gear,pinion gear,spiral bevel gear,chain wheel.

Mining equipment parts: rotary kiln girth gear, ball mill girth gear,ball mill liner,jaw crusher jaw plate,cone crusher mantle and concave,ball mill end cap,ball mill pinion gear,Bearing Seat, Trunnion, Rudder spindle and son on.

shaft:gear shaft,long shaft,hollow shaft,crusher eccentric shaft, main shaft,propeller shaft assembly,Wind power spindle

Roller:rolling mill work roll,backup roll,intermediate roll,straightening roll,Roll Crusher roller

Coupling:steel mill gear coupling,pin coupling,universal coupling

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