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Diameter 5M rotary kiln wheel belt has been processed and delivered


Diameter 5M rotary kiln wheel belt has been processed and delivered.

After intensive production and processing, the rotary kiln wheel belt ordered by our Thailand customer has been completed processing, packaging and delivery today.

Rotary kiln wheel belt is a kind of device with abrasion resistance, and can withstand high speed, to solve the electrical problem of rotary kiln equipment in the production process. Its main function is to protect the kiln body from damage, transfer all the gravity of the cylinder body to the supporting wheel, and make the cylinder can rotate smoothly on the supporting wheel, so the wheel belt should have enough strength and durability; At the same time, the wheel belt is a part to strengthen the radial steel of the cylinder, so it should be guaranteed to have enough stiffness.
The rotary kiln wheel processed by our company has the following advantages:

  • The ZG45 and ZG42CrMO materials can ensure the strength and toughness of the wheel belt, so as to better play the role of support.
  • The wheel belt in the casting process using professional double medium quenching process, strong adaptability
  • The pulley structure is simple, easy to manufacture and daily maintenance.
  • Rotary kiln wheel belts of various specifications can be processed according to customers’ drawings, and the perfect technology can better ensure that the processed rotary kiln wheel belts match well with the original rotary kiln equipment

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