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IMG 20190403 165050 scaled - Forged shaft
IMG 20190403 165050 150x150 - Forged shaft
PIC 20150204 151502 CFB 150x150 - Forged shaft
IMG 20200531 112137 150x150 - Forged shaft
150x150 - Forged shaft

Forged shaft

  • Classifylong shaft,eccentric shaft,gear shaft etc.
  • Material:Cabon Steel:30#,45#,50# Alloy Steel:40Cr,35SiMn,35Crmo,42CrMo
  • Size:Customized according to customer drawings
  • Applition:A shaft for transferring torque or rotary supporting

Product Description

Shaft forgings (mechanical parts) Shaft forgings are cylindrical objects worn in the middle of the bearing or the middle of the wheel or the middle of the gear, but there are also a few square. A shaft is a mechanical part that supports and rotates with a rotating part to transmit motion, torque, or bending moment. It is usually a metal rod, and each segment can have a different diameter.

Forging is a method of processing shaft forgings with certain mechanical properties, shape and size by applying pressure on metal billets with forging machinery to produce plastic deformation. Forging and stamping are both plastic processing properties, collectively known as forging.

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Product Superiority

Directional strength:By mechanically deforming heated metal under tightly controlled conditions, forging results in predictable and uniform grain sizes and flow characteristics. The forgings are also usually pre-machined to improve the dendritic structure of the ingot and eliminate pores. These qualities translate into superior metallurgical and mechanical qualities and provide higher directional toughness in the final part.

Structural strength:Forging also offers a structural integrity unmatched by other metalworking processes. Forging eliminates internal voids and air holes that weaken metal parts. By dispersing the segregation of alloys or non-metals, forging provides excellent chemical uniformity. Predictable structural integrity reduces part inspection requirements, simplifies heat treatment and machining, and ensures optimal part performance under field load conditions.

Impact strength:Parts can also be forged to meet almost all stress, load or impact requirements. The correct orientation of the grain flow ensures maximum impact strength and fatigue resistance. The high strength characteristics of the forging process can be used to reduce section thickness and total weight without compromising the integrity of the final part.

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