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Gear machining methods, quality control and material selection

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Today I will lead you to understand the following gear processing methods, quality control and material selection

Methods of machining
Form milling : used mostly for large gears. A
milling cutter that has the shape of the tooth
space is used.
Shaping : frequently used for internal gears.
Cutter used reciprocates on a vertical spindle.
Hobbing: similar process to milling except
that both the workpiece and the cutter rotate
in a coordinated manner.
Casting : used most often to make blanks for
gears which will have cut teeth. Possible to
use to make toothed gears with little or no

Gear quality (2)
• Gear quality is specified by AGMA as quality numbers.
• Quality numbers range from 5 to 15 with increasing precision (AGMA)
• Besides AGMA standard, there are also other standards (JIS, DIN, ISO-similar to DIN)


• medium-carbon steel is usually used
• Due to low surface endurance capacity, heat treatment (Flame hardening, Induction
hardening, Carburizing, Nitriding) is required
• Surface finishing (grinding) is probably done after heat treatment to obtain high
precision gear
Cast iron:
Cheap, ASTM grade 20, 30, 40, 50, 60 are normally used
surface fatigue strength is higher than bending fatigue strength
Quieter than steel due to the damping property of cast iron
Ductile or nodular cast-iron is probably used to increase strength of gear

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