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Gear material selection and heat treatment


Gear should be used in accordance with the working conditions of the appropriate material. The choice of gear material has a direct impact on the machining performance and service life of gear.

General gear selection of medium carbon steel (such as 45 steel) and low and medium carbon alloy steel, such as 20Cr, 40Cr, 20CrMnTi and so on. Important gears with higher requirements can use 38CrMoAlA nitride steel, and non-force transmission gears can also use cast iron, plywood or nylon and other materials.

Heat treatment of gears

In gear processing, two heat treatment processes are arranged according to different purposes:

Blank heat treatment

The main purpose is to eliminate the residual stress caused by forging and roughing, improve the machinability of the material and improve the comprehensive mechanical properties.

Tooth surface heat treatment

After the tooth shape machining, in order to improve the hardness and wear resistance of the tooth surface, the heat treatment processes such as carburizing quenching, high-frequency induction heating quenching, carbonitriding and nitriding are often carried out.

Gear blank

The blank form of gear mainly includes bar material, forging and casting. Bar materials are used for gears of small size, simple structure and low strength requirements. When the gear requires high strength, wear resistance and impact resistance, multi-purpose forgings, gears with a diameter greater than 400 ~ 600mm, are commonly cast blanks.

In order to reduce the amount of machining, the gear teeth can be cast directly for the large size and low precision gear; For gears of small size and complex shape, new processes such as precision casting, pressure casting, precision forging, powder metallurgy, hot rolling and cold extrusion can be used to produce tooth billet with gear teeth to improve labor productivity and save raw materials.

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