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High Precision Spur Gear Shaft Machining Completed


Recently, the customer in Belarus customized a batch of high-precision gear shaft from our company, the customer requires the surface roughness of the gear shaft to be 0.2 micron, we are good at processing large casting and forging parts, this is the first time we have received this high-precision pinion shaft order, for a while, it is really a little difficult for our technical staff, but in order not to let our old customer down, In line with the principle of being responsible for customers,We have made great efforts, we finally processed the gear shaft, the surface roughness is about 0.05 microns, exceeding the target to complete the task.

In addition, we can also process and customize various sizes of spur gear, helical gear, herringbone gear, gear shaft and other non-standard gear and so on.

Welcome all the customers who need gear to contact us.

Luoyang Deyu Machinery & Technology Co.,Ltd
Add:Wangwan Village,Gongnong Tow,Janxi District,Luoyang Henan,China(471000)

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