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Hoist Rope Wheel

20240605141034 - Hoist Rope Wheel
20240605141034 150x150 - Hoist Rope Wheel
20240605141024 150x150 - Hoist Rope Wheel
20240605141045 150x150 - Hoist Rope Wheel
20240605141039 150x150 - Hoist Rope Wheel
20240605141030 1 150x150 - Hoist Rope Wheel

Hoist Rope Wheel

  • Title:Hoist Rope Wheel
  • Size:according to drawing
  • Material:cast iron, carbon steel ,alloy steel as per customers requests
  • Processing:Lathing, milling,grinding,drilling
  • Heat treatment:Annealing, normalizing, quenching or tempering
  • Certification:ISO SGS

Product Descriptio

A hoist rope wheel, commonly referred to as a pulley, is a grooved wheel used in a variety of lifting and lifting systems. It is usually made of metal and is used to guide and support lifting ropes or cables. The grooves in the wheel ensure that the rope is wound around it, providing a mechanical advantage and allowing for smooth and controlled lifting or lowering of the load. hoist rope wheels are commonly used in cranes, elevators, and various other lifting equipment to facilitate the movement of heavy objects.

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