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How to classify rolling mill rolls according to material?

Work Rolls 3 - How to classify rolling mill rolls according to material?

Classification by material:

1.cast iron rolls

  • alloy chilled cast iron rolls
  • alloy indefinite chilled cast iron rolls
  • alloy nodular cast iron rolls
  • pearlitic nodular cast iron rolls
  • sspiculate bainitic nodular cast iron rolls
  • high chromium compound cast iron rolls
  • FEW TIC rolls

2.cast steel rolls

  • alloy cast steel rolls
  • adamite rolls
  • graphite steel rolls
  • high speed steel rolls
  • high chromium cast steel rolls
  • GNV rolls

3.forged steel rolls

  • forged steel rolls for hot rolling
  • forged steel rolls for cold rolling

Our company can process and customize all kinds of cast and forged roller,such as rolling mill rollers,pellet mill rollers,kiln support rollers,HSS hot/cold rolling mill rollers and roller shell and other accessories.Besides,we can supply cement ball mill spare parts,ball mill girth gear,hollow shaft,end cover,and pinion gear.

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