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How to classify rolling mill rolls?

back up roll3 - How to classify rolling mill rolls?

There are many kinds of rolling mill rolls classification methods, mainly:
(1) According to the product type, there are strip roll, steel roll, wire roll, etc.;
(2) According to the position of the roll in the rolling mill series, there are cutting rolls, rough rolls, finishing rolls, etc.;
(3) According to the function of the roll, there are scale-breaking rolls, perforating rolls, flattening rolls, etc.;
(4) According to the roll material divided into steel roll, cast iron roll, carbide roll, ceramic roll, etc.;
(5) According to the manufacturing method, it is divided into casting rolls, forging rolls, surfacing rolls, and insert rolls;
(6) According to the state of the rolled steel, there are hot rolls and cold rolls.
Various classifications can be combined accordingly to make the roll have a more clear meaning, such as the centrifugal cast high chromium cast iron work roll for hot rolled strip steel.

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