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Kiln Tire

  • Materials: Carbon steel, alloy steel, cast iron, or according to customer requirements
  • Weight: 5-80t
  • Heat treatment method: Annealing, normalizing, quenching, or tempering
  • Application: Rotary kiln, rotary dryer, etc
  • Certification: ISO, SGS

Product Description:

Rotary Kiln Rolling Riding Ring is also called kiln tyre ,which is one of the main parts of rotary kiln equipment.We can produce large forging,casting and welding rotary kiln tyre ring according to customer’s drawings.

The rotary kiln tyre is installed on the kiln shell ,it turns on supporting rollers ,and the tyre is connected with the kiln tube body through backing plates and blocks.
The tyre is a strong large steel ring set on the cylinder to support the full gravity of the rotary kiln (including kiln bricks and materials). It has heavy load, large torque, multiple fulcrums, and complex operating system. Therefore, the tyre must have sufficient strength and durability.

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1. Standard: DIN; GB, GOST, AISI, etc.

2. Certification: ISO9001, Form E, Form A, CO

3.Report: Material Report; Hardness Report; UT/MT Report; Dimensions checking report; Mechanical Property Test Report

MaterialAlloy Steel 35CrMo, 42CrMo,40CrNiMo
Medium Carbon Steel 35CrMo, 45CrMo,40CrNiMo;
Heat TreatmentQuenching and Tempering, Tempering, Normalization;
Applicationmainly used in the transmission of Rotary Kiln,mill machinery
Surface FinishRa1.6-3.2;
TechnicalCasting, Forging, Welding;

.png - Kiln Tire

Rotary Kiln Tyre:
We supply following Rotary Kiln Tyre reports for the customers:
(1) Mechanical Test Report
(2) Hardness Test Report
(3) Chemical Test Report
(4) Heat Treatment Record
(5) Magnetic Particle Examination Report

Rotary Kiln Tyre Quality assurance:

Chemical checking in the Qualified Lab

NDE after Rough Machining

Mechanical testing after Heat Treatment

Final NDE, Dimensions check

Outstanding advantages

  • 1.The kiln tire has high strength and good durability. The rotary kiln tires produced by DEYU are made of ZG45 and ZG42CrMO materials, which can ensure the strength and toughness of the tires, so as to better play a supporting role;
  • 2.The tires of DEYU are processed by double-medium quenching process, each part is treated evenly and has the characteristics of high quenching hardness and high toughness value, which improves the wear resistance of the tires and can adapt to various harsh working environments;
  • 3.DEYU has a level two flaw detection level, which can control the internal quality of castings such as tires, and is supplemented by sandblasting equipment to improve the surface quality of tires, thus ensuring the internal and external quality of tires;
  • 4.During the casting process,DEYU strictly controls the sample testing of raw materials, product inspection, quality evaluation, etc., and is equipped with GS1000 vacuum direct reading spectrometer, carbon and sulfur high-speed analyzer, digital ultrasonic flaw detector, and multi-purpose magnetic particle flaw detector from OBLF Company in Germany. Instruments and other professional testing equipment are used to conduct non-destructive flaw detection on each manufactured product, and no defective products are allowed to leave the factory;

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