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straightening roll - Leveller Straightening Roll
straightening roll 150x150 - Leveller Straightening Roll
leveller straightending roll1 150x150 - Leveller Straightening Roll
leveller straightending roll1 150x150 - Leveller Straightening Roll

Leveller Straightening Roll

  • Diameter≤1200mm
  • Length≤5000mm
  • Surface FinishRa0.8-1.6
  • TechnicalCasting, Forging
  • Surface HardnessAs per different material
  • Heat TreatmentQuenching and Tempering,Carburization   ardening

The leveller straightening roll we produce are generally used for straightening metal bars, pipes and wires. The leveller straightening roller squeezes the bar by the straightening roller to change its straightness. Generally, there are two rows of straightening rollers, varying in number. There are also two-stick straighteners that rely on the Angle changes of the two sticks to straighten materials of different diameters.

leveller straightending roll1 - Leveller Straightening Roll

The straightening roll surface is generally in 78-83HS homogeneity between 1-3HSD, in the depth range of 40-65mm from the roll surface, the hardness of the roll drop is not more than 4HS, indicating that the rough roll has a small hardness drop, even if used to the middle and late period, it still has good wear resistance.

Surface Finish:Ra0.8-1.6;
Technical:Casting, Forging;
Surface Hardness:As per different material;
Heat Treatment:Quenching and Tempering,Carburization   ardening  ;

We can adopt the smelting process of EBT+LF/VD+ESR according to the standards of the Ministry of Machinery Industry (JB/T) or the technical agreement signed by both parties and other customer requirements, and forge and form by the hydraulic fast forging machine and the precision forging machine, and can deliver the goods according to the machining state or the conditioning and heat treatment state according to customer requirements.

straightening roll 1024x840 - Leveller Straightening Roll
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