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1 10 - Long shaft
1 10 150x150 - Long shaft
2 9 150x150 - Long shaft
3 9 150x150 - Long shaft
4 9 150x150 - Long shaft
5 7 150x150 - Long shaft
6 2 150x150 - Long shaft

Long shaft

  • Outer Diameterɸ2,250mm
  • Inner DiameterWithin ɸ1000mm, Length 12,000mm
  • LengthMax. Length 20,000mm
  • Surface FinishRa0.8-1.6
  • TechnicalCasting, Forging
  • Surface HardnessAs per different material
  • Heat TreatmentQuenching and Tempering, Carburization hardening;

Product Description

In mechanical engineering and related fields, a long shaft typically refers to a component that is long and thin, with a length that is much greater than its diameter. Long shafts are often used to connect two or more components or machines, transmitting power or other types of energy between them.

Long shafts can be made from a variety of materials, including metals, composites, and plastics, and are often customized to fit specific applications. They may be designed to withstand high amounts of torque, or to be particularly flexible or lightweight.

In some cases, long shafts can pose certain engineering challenges. For example, they may be prone to bending or flexing under stress if not properly supported, or they may suffer from resonance issues that can cause damage to the shaft or other components. These factors must be carefully considered when designing and implementing long shafts in practical applications.

Examples of applications that may use long shafts include power transmission in industrial machinery, energy generation in wind turbines or hydroelectric plants, and propulsion in marine engines or aircraft.

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Product Specifications

Machining custom long shaft

SortLong shaft
Grade of GearReach to 6 grade;
Diameter:≤2000mm; ≤1500mm
Surface Hardness:As per different material
Technical:Casting, Forging;
Surface Hardness:As per different material;
Heat Treatment:Quenching and Tempering,Carburization,Hardenging

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