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a52b6ea9dd3f3f1f53bf6925355ab0a - Main Shaft Assembly
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Main Shaft Assembly

  • Product:Main Shaft Assembly
  • Material:Medium Carbon Steel:35#,45#,50# Alloy Steel:40Cr,35SiMn,42CrMo,35CrMo
  • Applition:Be widely used in all kinds of transmission ,speed changing,rotation and other civilian or military equipment

1. Standard: DIN; GB, GOST, AISI, etc. 2. Certification: ISO9001, Form E, Form A, CO 3.Report: Material Report; Hardness Report; UT/MT Report; Dimensions checking report; Mechanical Property Test Report

A gear shaft is a mechanical part that supports and rotates with a rotating part to transmit motion, torque, or bending moment. It is usually a round metal rod, and the sections may have different diameters. The rotating parts of the machine are mounted on the shaft.

In the design, the use of gear shaft is generally no more than the following situations:

  1. It is generally small gear
  1. It is generally in high speed class
  2. It is rarely used as a sliding gear for speed change. It is generally a gear for fixed operation.

4, It is a shaft and gear synthesis of a whole, however, in the design, or try to shorten the length of the shaft, too long is not conducive to the hobbing machine processing, two is the shaft support is too long lead to the shaft to thicken and increase the mechanical strength (such as rigidity, deflection, bending, etc.)

Product NameGear  Shaft
Classiffyspur,helical, Herringbone and Spiral Bevel Gear Shaft
MaterialMedium Carbon Steel: 35#, 45#, 50#

Alloy Steel:40Cr, 35SiMn, 42CrMo, 35CrMo
SizeLength:Max up to 20000mm                 Hollow Hole: φ50mm-1000mm,length up to 13000mmDiameter: Max up to1850mm                Weight: 100 tons
Heat TreatmentHardening&Tempering,Surface Quenching,
Integral Quenching,Carburizing Quenching ,Tempering ,
ApplicationBe widely used in all kinds of transmission, speed changing, rotation and
other civilian or military equipment.

We can manufacture the following products:

Mining: Grinding Machine, Crusher, Rotary Kiln etc.

Metallurgy: Converter,Metal mixer,Rolling Machine etc.

Spare parts: Roll, Backup Roll, Bearing Stand, Trunnion, Blade Spindle, Rudder spindle and son on.

          Girth Gear, Gear Shaft, rotary kiln tyre and ball mill liners etc.

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