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1 3 - Mine hoist drum
1 3 150x150 - Mine hoist drum
2 2 150x150 - Mine hoist drum
3 2 150x150 - Mine hoist drum
4 2 150x150 - Mine hoist drum
7 150x150 - Mine hoist drum

Mine hoist drum

PIC 20140823 155355 BC5 - Mine hoist drum

A mine hoist drum is a component used to turn a traction cable or rope that helps lift and lower miners, equipment and materials. It usually consists of a steel shaft and a rubber or metal cylinder mounted around it to reduce wear and friction and ensure efficient and stable operation.

Mine hoist drum technical requirements mainly include the following points:

      • High bearing capacity: mine hoist roller needs to bear a lot of weight and pressure, in the design and manufacture need to ensure its reliability and safety.
      • Good wear resistance: minerals such as coal and metal ore will wear the surface of the drum, so it is necessary to use wear-resistant materials and take corresponding measures to extend the life of the drum.
      • High surface smoothness: the surface smoothness of the elevator drum has a great influence on the transmission efficiency and mineral transportation, which needs to meet certain requirements.
      • High accuracy: the cylinder diameter, roundness, center deviation and other accuracy requirements are high to ensure normal operation.

      We can manufacture the following products:

      Gear:spur gear,helical gear,herringbone gear,pinion gear,spiral bevel gear,chain wheel.

      Mining equipment parts: rotary kiln girth gear, ball mill girth gear,ball mill liner,jaw crusher jaw plate,cone crusher mantle and concave,ball mill end cap,ball mill pinion gear,Bearing Seat, Trunnion, Rudder spindle and son on.

      shaft:gear shaft,long shaft,hollow shaft,crusher eccentric shaft, main shaft,propeller shaft assembly,Wind power spindle

      Roller:rolling mill work roll,backup roll,intermediate roll,straightening roll,Roll Crusher roller

      Coupling:steel mill gear coupling,pin coupling,universal coupling

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