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Rubber roll 2 - Paper Machinery Rubber Covered Roll
Rubber roll 2 150x150 - Paper Machinery Rubber Covered Roll
Rubber roll 150x150 - Paper Machinery Rubber Covered Roll
Rubber roll 4 150x150 - Paper Machinery Rubber Covered Roll
Rubber roll 1 150x150 - Paper Machinery Rubber Covered Roll
Rubber roll 5 150x150 - Paper Machinery Rubber Covered Roll
Rubber roll 6 150x150 - Paper Machinery Rubber Covered Roll

Paper Machinery Rubber Covered Roll

  • Name: Rubber Covered Roll
  • Diameter≤410mm
  • Length≤5000mm
  • Surface FinishRa0.8-1.6
  • TechnicalCasting, Forging
  • Surface HardnessAs per different material
  • Heat TreatmentQuenching and Tempering,Carburization   ardening

Product Description

Rubber roll is an industrial equipment used to manufacture various adhesive materials, mainly used for coating or coating a layer of glue or pressure sensitive adhesive on the surface of the substrate process. Its main application fields include paper, synthetic materials, plastics, metals, rubber, cloth and other materials in the production and processing process. In addition to the coating and coating functions, the coating roller has other important roles in industrial production. For example, they can be used in the transfer of ink when pressing paper or printing, as well as in the molding and processing of plastics or rubber. The roller can also be designed into different shapes, sizes, surface treatments and materials according to different applications and needs.

In short, the rubber roll is a very important industrial equipment, for a variety of materials bonding, coating and processing process plays a vital role.

The rubber roll we produce the longest is 10 meters, widely used in paper machine, cloth industry and so on.

Product Show

Product Specifications

Surface Finish:Ra0.8-1.6;
Technical:Casting, Forging;
Surface Hardness:As per different material;
Heat Treatment:Quenching and Tempering,Carburization   ardening ;               

Our product features:

1, with strong weather resistance, can adapt to the use of paper industry.

2, superior product performance, is the ideal material for paper industry.

3, wide use, strong practicability, high cost performance.

Paper machinery industry special cots

Product Applications

Paper machine

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