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work roll - rolling mill work roll

rolling mill work Roll

  • Diameter≤410mm
  • Length≤5000mm
  • Surface FinishRa0.8-1.6
  • TechnicalCasting, Forging
  • Surface HardnessAs per different material
  • Heat TreatmentQuenching and Tempering,Carburization   ardening

Product Description

A rolling mill work roll is a component of a rolling mill that is used to shape and reduce the thickness of materials, such as metal by passing them through a pair of rolls. Work rolls are typically made of a high-carbon steel or tungsten carbide and are ground and polished to a very smooth surface finish. The surface finish of the work rolls is critical to the quality of the finished material, as any imperfections on the roll surface can be transferred to the material being rolled.
The work rolls in a rolling mill are subjected to extreme stresses and strains during the rolling process, and they must be able to withstand these forces without deforming or breaking. They are also subject to wear and tear, so they must be replaced periodically to maintain the performance of the rolling mill.
Work rolls are used in various types of rolling mills, including hot rolling mills, cold rolling mills, and cluster mills. Hot rolling mills are used to produce products such as sheet metal, plate, and bars, while cold rolling mills are used for the production of thinner gauges of material, such as sheet metal and foils. Cluster mills are used for rolling thin strips of metal with high accuracy and repeatability.
In summary, work rolls are a critical component of a rolling mill, and their quality and performance play a significant role in the quality of the finished material.

Product Show

Product Specifications

Surface Finish:Ra0.8-1.6;
Technical:Casting, Forging;
Surface Hardness:As per different material;
Heat Treatment:Quenching and Tempering,Carburization   ardening ;               

Product Applications

Rolling mill work roll is used in various industries and for various applications, including:

  1. Steel production: Work rolls are used in hot rolling mills and cold rolling mills to shape and reduce the thickness of steel sheets, bars, and plates.
  2. Non-ferrous metals production: Work rolls are also used in non-ferrous metals production, such as aluminum and copper, to produce sheets, plates, and coils.
  3. Automotive industry: Work rolls are used in the production of automotive parts, such as body panels and engine components.
  4. Aerospace industry: Work rolls are used in the production of aerospace parts, such as turbine blades and engine components.
  5. Electrical and electronic industry: Work rolls are used in the production of electrical and electronic components, such as transformer cores and printed circuit boards.
  6. Jewelry industry: Work rolls are used in the production of jewelry, such as gold and silver rings, bracelets, and necklaces.
  7. Paper industry: Work rolls are used in the production of paper to smooth and flatten the surface of the paper.

In addition to rolling mills, work rolls are also used in other equipment that performs rolling operations, including roll forming machines and tube and pipe mills.

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