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Rotary Kiln Pinion gear Processing Procedures and Common Materials

pinion gear2 - Rotary Kiln Pinion gear Processing Procedures and Common Materials

Pinion transmission is widely used in modern machinery equipment and instruments. The rotary kiln pinion gear is also called the rotary pinion, which is different from other mechanical transmission gears. Therefore, the material, hardness and design requirements of the gears have certain particularities. Its function is to transmit power according to the specified speed ratio. The wear resistance level of the rotary kiln pinion is higher. Tempering and quenching treatment, the hardness reaches HRC45-50.

Rotary kiln pinion gear material:

At present, the pinion gear is made of 35SiMn, zg45# forged, 40Crmo and other materials. After tempering and quenching treatment, its hardness must be 30-50HB higher than that of the tooth surface of the ball mill gear. There are no specific regulations and relevant standards for the material of the mill pinion.

The processing procedure of the rotary kiln pinion: forging blank—rough turning—finishing the two planes of the outer circle—hobbing—tooth surface quenching—finishing the inner hole—inspection—rinsing oil—storage .
Rotary kiln pinion heat treatment process: A qualified mill pinion finished product needs to go through the heat treatment method of annealing, normalizing, quenching and tempering. Among them, quenching and tempering are closely related and are often used together.

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