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thrust roller - Rotary Kiln Thrust Roller
thrust roller 150x150 - Rotary Kiln Thrust Roller
thrust roller1 150x150 - Rotary Kiln Thrust Roller
rotary kiln 150x150 - Rotary Kiln Thrust Roller
thrust roller2 150x150 - Rotary Kiln Thrust Roller
supporting roller 150x150 - Rotary Kiln Thrust Roller

Rotary Kiln Thrust Roller

  • Material:carbon steel, alloy steel, cast iron,ect,as per request
  • Weight:1-80t
  • Precision:as per requests
  • Processing:Lathing, milling,grinding,drilling
  • Heat treatment:Annealing, normalizing, quenching or tempering
  • Certification:ISO SGS
  • Application:Rotary kiln, rotary dryer, rotary cooler, etc.

Product Description

As we all know, the rotary kiln thrust roller is to limit the kiln body from sliding down and up and keep the axial position of the kiln body stable. The gap between the side of the wheel belt and the working surface of the retaining wheel is 10 to 20 mm on each side, the amount of movement of the kiln up and down is 20 to 40 mm, and the movement period is 1 to 2 times in 8 hours.
It can be divided into ordinary thrust roller and hydraulic thrust roller

Large rotary kilns generally use hydraulic thrusr roller devices. It is supported on two parallel support shafts through the hollow shaft, and the support shafts are fixed on the foundation by the base. The hollow shaft can slide in parallel along the support shaft under the push of the piston and the piston rod.

It is one of the important parts of the rotary kiln, and plays a vital role in the entire operation process of the rotary kiln. Therefore, in the selection of the rotary kiln thrust roller manufacturer, customers should choose powerful and reputable steel castings Foundry manufacturers, so as to ensure the quality of the produced rotary kiln retaining wheel, which can be well matched with the existing rotary kiln equipment.

Product Show

Product Specifications

MaterialAlloy Steel 35CrMo, 42CrMo,40CrNiMo
Medium Carbon Steel 35#, 45#,40Cr;
Testchemical composition, mechanical property, dimensional check, UT, MT, PT and so on.
CertificateISO9001:2015, ISO14001:2015, OHSAS 18001:2007
Molding pitThe deepest molding pit is 45m*16.1m*(-6.0m), the largest casting pit is 87m*16.1m*(-3.5m)
Heat TreatmentQuenching and Tempering, Tempering, Normalization;
Applicationmainly used in the transmission of Rotary Kiln, Mill machinery;
Surface FinishRa1.6-3.2;
TechnicalCasting, Forging, Welding;

Product Application

The kiln support roller assembly can be divided into sliding bearing roller assembly, rolling bearing roller assembly, and sliding rolling hybrid bearing roller assembly according to the bearings used. At present, the sliding bearing roller assembly is widely used. Each support roller assembly is mainly composed of support roller, support roller shaft, and bearing seat. The bearing seat is equipped with spherical pads, bearing pads, thrust rings, snap rings, and other accessories.

The supporting roller supports the riding ring and rotates under its drive. The sliding bearing transmits the axial force through the groove and snap ring at the end of the shaft. The unit is lubricated by oil extraction in the oil groove and cooled by cooling water in the spherical pad. The supporting roller shaft rotates on the bearing pad, and spherical pads are set at the lower part of the bearing pad, so that the left and right bearings are always coaxial during the installation and adjustment of the supporting roller.


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