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CW 6 - Sprocket wheel
CW 6 150x150 - Sprocket wheel
1 12 150x150 - Sprocket wheel
2 11 150x150 - Sprocket wheel
11 7 150x150 - Sprocket wheel
CW1 6 150x150 - Sprocket wheel

Sprocket wheel

Sprocket wheel, also known as a chainwheel, is a type of wheel with teeth (also called sprockets) that mesh with a chain or conveyor to transmit power, motion, or torque.

Product Description

The sprocket wheel is a mechanical component that has teeth or cogs that mesh with a chain, belt or another type of linkage. The primary function of a sprocket wheel is to transmit power from one rotating shaft to another.

Sprocket wheels come in various shapes and sizes, and the number and size of their teeth can vary. The teeth on a sprocket wheel are designed to match the pitch of the chain or belt, ensuring that the chain or belt stays securely engaged with the sprocket wheel.

Sprocket wheels are commonly found in a wide range of equipment and machinery, including bicycles, motorcycles, industrial machinery, and agricultural equipment. In bicycles, sprocket wheels are used to transfer power from the pedals to the rear wheel via the chain. In industrial machinery, sprocket wheels are often used in conjunction with drive chains and pulleys to transmit power and motion.

Sprocket wheels can be made from a range of materials, including steel, aluminum, and plastic, depending on the application and environment. They are typically designed to withstand high loads and continuous use, and their teeth are often hardened or treated to resist wear and corrosion.

In summary, the sprocket wheel is a vital component in many types of machinery and equipment, serving to transmit power and motion from one rotating shaft to another via a chain or belt.

Product Specifications

ItemChain sprocket, Chain wheels, gears
DesignCan be at the customer’ request, tailor-made, at customer’s design,OEM
ApplicationPetrochemical industry, Mining, metallurgy, machine tools, hydra-power
MaterialCasting or Forged Material
45#,SAE1045,SAE4140,SAE4150,SAE4160,20CrMnTi,42CrMo, 18CrNiMo7,42CrMo,40CrNiMoA,20CrNiMoA,stainless steel 410,stainless steel 304
TreatmentForging, machining, gear hobbing
Surface treatmentQuenching, oxidizing black, galvanizing, sandblasting, oil immersion, grinding
Heat treatmentTempering, high frequency quenching, carburizing quenching
StandardANSI, DIN, ISO
SizeFrom diameter 250mm to 1250mm
Minimum order1 pc
Product Show

Product Show

Product Applications

widely used in chemical industry, textile machinery, food processing, instrumentation, petroleum and other industries such as mechanical transmission. Sprocket function is equivalent to the timing belt, is an important part of the engine distribution system, through the connection with the crankshaft and with a certain transmission ratio to ensure the accuracy of the inlet and exhaust time.

Our company can manufacture and customize all kinds of gears including helical gear,herringbone gear,spiral bevel gear,bevel gear and Mining machinery accessories large ring gear,pinion gear.

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