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H287e1eaa37874ad9b10cb9e37c88935a9.jpg 960x960 - Stainless steel non-standard flange
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Stainless steel non-standard flange

  • Product:Stainless steel non-standard flange
  • Size:Customer drawing
  • Materials:Steel

Stainless steel non-standard flanges are also called flanges, flanges or flanges. Non-standard flange or domestic standard flange. It is a connection between pipes and is used to connect the two ends of the pipe. Also used to connect the inlet and outlet flanges of two devices.

Flanged joints or flanged joints are detachable connections consisting of flanges, gaskets and bolts that are connected to each other as a set of adhesive seal structures. Pipe flanges refer to the flanges used for piping in pipe installation, and the equipment import and export flanges used for equipment. There are holes in the flange, and the two flanges can be firmly connected with bolts. Flange is sealed with a gasket. Non-standard flange is divided into screwconnection flange, welding flange, clamp flange.

We can manufacture the following products:

Gear:spur gear,helical gear,herringbone gear,pinion gear,spiral bevel gear,chain wheel.

Mining equipment parts: rotary kiln girth gear, ball mill girth gear,ball mill liner,jaw crusher jaw plate,cone crusher mantle and concave,ball mill end cap,ball mill pinion gear,Bearing Seat, Trunnion, Rudder spindle and son on.

shaft:gear shaft,long shaft,hollow shaft,crusher eccentric shaft, main shaft,propeller shaft assembly,Wind power spindle

Roller:rolling mill work roll,backup roll,intermediate roll,straightening roll,Roll Crusher roller

Coupling:steel mill gear coupling,pin coupling,universal coupling

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