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The role of rotary kiln trye and commonly used materials

1 1024x768 - The role of rotary kiln trye and commonly used materials

Rotary kiln tyre is also known as rotary kiln roller ring, it is set on the rotary kiln cylinder body, with baffle and cleat fixed round steel ring, through the wheel belt, the weight of the whole rotating part is transferred to the rotary kiln wheel, wheel and other bearing bearing all the weight of the rotating part. Today, Deyu Machinery will explain to you the common materials of rotary kiln tyre.

Rotary kiln tyre material:

The rotary kiln tyre is mainly subjected to three forces during the operation of the kiln body: temperature difference stress, bending stress and contact stress, which will cause damage or even fracture of the kiln tyre. When the rotary kiln is running, the cylinder will drive the wheel to rotate, and the wheel and the support roller will produce friction, resulting in a certain degree of wear of the wheel, so the material selection and casting of the kiln tyre should ensure its wear resistance. Before the 1960s, the material of rotary kiln tyre is mainly ZG35, because the use of ZG35 material performance is poor, after the 1970s to use ZG45, then low alloy steel is widely used, ZG35SiMn replaced ZG45, and then, the use of better performance ZG40Cr, in recent years, ZG42CrMo replaced ZG40Cr as the main material for making wheels.

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