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The role of the drive shaft


The drive shaft is a rotating body with high speed and little support, so its dynamic balance is very important. Generally, the drive shaft should be tested for action balance before leaving the factory, and adjusted on the balancing machine.


The drive shaft is an important part of the transmission of power in the automobile transmission system, and its role is to transmit the power of the engine to the wheels together with the gearbox and the drive axle, so that the car can produce driving force.


Our company can process and customize all kindsSpecial automobile transmission shaft is mainly used in tank trucks, refueling trucks, sprinklers, suction trucks, suction trucks, fire trucks, high-pressure cleaning vehicles, road wreckers, aerial work vehicles, garbage trucks and other models. of casting and forging parts, such as large end cover of ball mill, large roll of rolling mill, large girth gear of rotary kiln, rotary kiln tyre and rotary kiln support roller, etc.

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