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What are the application fields of gear processing?


Gear, as an important transmission element, is widely used in industry. They are designed and manufactured to meet the needs of different industries and play a key role in multiple fields.

Common Applications

automobile industry

Gears play a vital role in the automotive industry. Automotive gears are widely used in transmission systems, including engines, transmissions and transaxle. They are able to achieve different transfer ratios by correctly matching the number of teeth, providing different torque and speed outputs. At the same time, gears also play a role in the steering system and the braking system.

Machine tool manufacturing

Gears are also widely used in machine tool manufacturing. For example, gears can be precisely positioned and torque transmitted in the feed system of a machine tool. In addition, the gear can also be used to control the working speed and cutting force of the machine tool to ensure processing quality and efficiency.

energy industry

Gears also have important applications in the energy industry. For example, in a wind turbine, gears convert wind power into electricity. In addition, gear is also widely used in hydroelectric generating units, oil drilling equipment and thermal power generation and other fields.

aerospace industry

The aerospace industry is very demanding on gears. Gears are widely used in aircraft engines, flight control systems and landing gear. These gears need to be highly accurate, lightweight and reliable to ensure the normal operation of the aircraft.

robot technology

With the continuous development of robotics technology, gears play a crucial role in robot manufacturing and control. Robot joints and transmission systems are typically geared for precise movement and control.

In addition to the above fields, gear is also widely used in rail transportation, medical equipment, textile machinery, metallurgical equipment and many other industries. Different industries have different needs for gears, so gear processing needs to select materials and production processes according to specific requirements. In short, the gear is widely used in the industrial field, and its important role is inseparable from both traditional industries and emerging fields.

We can manufacture the following products:

Mining: Grinding Machine, Crusher, Rotary Kiln etc.

Metallurgy: Converter,Metal mixer,Rolling Machine etc.

Spare parts: Roll, Backup Roll, Bearing Stand, Trunnion, Blade Spindle, Rudder spindle and son on.

          Gear,Girth Gear, Gear Shaft, rotary kiln tyre and ball mill liners etc.

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