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What are the functions of the spline shaft?


Spline shaft is a kind of mechanical transmission, and the function of peace key, semi-circular key and oblique key is to transmit mechanical torque. The spline shaft has a longitudinal keyway on the surface of the shaft, and the rotating member set on the shaft also has a corresponding keyway, so that it can keep rotating with the shaft. At the same time of rotation, some can also be longitudinal sliding on the shaft, such as transmission shift gear
Spline shaft is divided into two types: rectangular spline shaft and involute spline shaft.
Among them, the rectangular spline shaft is widely used, and the involute spline shaft is mainly used for the connection with large load, high centering accuracy and large size. Rectangular spline shafts are usually used in aircraft, agricultural machinery and general mechanical transmission devices.
The main function of spline shaft is to transmit torque, this design makes spline shaft in mechanical transmission has certain advantages, in the rectangular spline shaft, its tooth side clearance can be adjusted, the shaft eccentricity also has a certain compensation ability.

Product Feature
  • Easy installation and disassembly: only need to insert the spline shaft into the shaft hole of the female shaft during installation, tighten the pile female to complete the connection, and only need to loosen the pile female during disassembly, you can easily remove the spline shaft.
  • Transmit large torque: Through spline fastening, the power shaft and transmission shaft can be firmly connected, making the transmission efficiency and accuracy of the machine tool significantly improved.
  • Widely used: spline shafts are widely used in various mechanical equipment, such as automobiles, railways, agricultural machinery and shipbuilding industries.
  • Bear high load and high speed: the spline shaft has a long service life and can withstand high load and high speed working state, making the transmission efficiency of the mechanical transmission system effectively improved.
  • Can be standardized production: spline shaft can be standardized production in accordance with national standards, spline shaft diameter, spline size, length and other dimensions are manufactured in accordance with standard provisions.

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