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What are the spare parts of rotary kiln and the precautions for use

thrust roller3 - What are the spare parts of rotary kiln and the precautions for use

Rotary kiln in building materials, metallurgy, chemical, environmental protection and many other production industries have been widely used, parts wear and equipment precision reduction, will affect its operating rate, must be repaired or replaced by maintenance. What are the vulnerable parts of rotary kilns? Under what circumstances must these parts be repaired? Under what circumstances does it have to be replaced? Today, Deyu machinery will lead you to learn some of this knowledge in detail.

First of all, introduce what are the vulnerable parts of rotary kiln, girth gear, pinion gear,supporting roller,thrust roller,kiln tyre,and bearings are the main parts of rotary kiln


The girth gear and pinion gear are one of the key components in the rotary kiln transmission, which is easy to be deformed and easily broken. When the tooth thickness of the gear is worn by 30%, or the rim has irreversible damage, it needs to be repaired and replaced.

kiln tyre

The rotary kiln tyre, also known as the rolling ring and wheel belt, is one of the main components of the rotary kiln equipment. Its function is to transfer all the weight of the cylinder to the supporting wheel, and make the cylinder turn smoothly on the supporting wheel. The section of the rotary tyre is worn by 20%, or the surface is worn into a cone, polygon, and the local penetration cracks need to be repaired and replaced.

Supporting roller
Support roller device is divided into two kinds with and without thrust roller, a set of support roller device includes two support roller group and a support roller base, some support roller device has thrust roller group, support roller group includes support roller, support roller shaft and bearing. The supporting roller is the load-bearing device of rotary kiln cylinder body, so the support rolleris a part that works under heavy load conditions. The supporting wheel of rotary kiln is mainly composed of the tug wheel, the shaft and the retaining ring on the shaft. When the supporting wheel is in series due to the axial movement of the kiln body, the supporting wheel can be supported by the stop ring on the top of the bronze bearing bush.
When the diameter of the bearing wheel and the shaft journal of the baffle wheel is reduced by 20%, or the thickness of the bearing wheel rim is reduced by 25%, or the rim is ground into a cone or other irregular shape, or the rim has a through crack, it needs to be repaired and replaced. When replacing the support roller and thrust roller, the coresponding bushing must be scraped or replaced.

Rotary kiln bearings
Rotary kiln bearings are generally used with thin oil lubrication and water cooling tube plain bearings, taking into account the possible bending of the cylinder, the sudden increase in the load on the roller and the harsh working environment of the roller, the rotary kiln bearings must have a large safety factor and good lubrication seal and water cooling. In order to adjust the axial movement of the cylinder, the roller bearing of the rotary kiln must be made to adjust the movement, so that the roller can move in the horizontal direction.

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