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What are the types of casting and casting processes?


There are many kinds of casting, according to the modeling method is customarily divided into:
1、 ordinary sand casting, including wet sand, dry sand and chemical hardening sand 3 categories.
2、Special casting,
according to the modeling materials can be divided into natural mineral sand as the main modeling materials of special casting (such as investment casting, mud casting, casting workshop shell casting, negative pressure casting, solid casting, ceramic casting, etc.) and metal as the main casting materials of special casting (such as metal casting, pressure casting, continuous casting, low pressure casting, centrifugal casting Etc.) two categories.

The casting process usually includes:
1、casting (make liquid metal into a solid casting container) preparation, casting according to the material used can be divided into sand, metal, ceramic, mud, graphite, etc., according to the number of use can be divided into disposable type。The quality of the casting preparation is the main factor affecting the quality of the casting.
2、 Casting metal melting and casting, casting metal (casting alloy) mainly cast iron, cast steel and cast nonferrous alloys;
3、Casting treatment and inspection, casting treatment includes removal of core and casting surface foreign bodies, cutting out the pouring gate, shovel grinding burrs and seams and other protrusions, as well as heat treatment, shaping, anti-rust treatment and roughing.

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