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What is the role of rotary kiln thrust roller?

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1, The role of the thrust roller:
Because the rotary kiln is inclined to install, axial force is generated by the weight and friction of the kiln body, and additional axial force is generated by the uneven surface of the axis of the kiln tyre and the support wheel, and the axial position of the large-weight cylinder is difficult to be fixed, and it should be allowed to move repeatedly along the axis. In order to make the working surface of the pulley and belt with different widths wear evenly, it is also required that the rotary kiln barrel can move axially. The cycle is usually 1 ~ 2 times per shift. The stop wheel plays the role of limiting the axial movement of the cylinder or controlling the axial movement.

2, The characteristics of ordinary thrust roller:

The ordinary thrust rollers are installed in pairs on both sides of the rolling ring adjacent to the rotary kiln tooth ring. Whether the thrust roller rotates becomes a sign that the cylinder is moving or sliding, so it is also called “signal thrust roller”. However, in operation, the upper or lower thrust roller should be avoided for a long time continuous rotation.

When the rotary kiln body is at rest, the body weight of the kiln falls. But when the kiln body rotates, in the case of parallel installation of the roller ring gear and the support roller, the kiln will slowly slide downward. From the surface observation, the coefficient of friction is small, but some people use elastic sliding to explain this phenomenon.

The ordinary thrust roller can only limit the axial movement of the cylinder when working, and there is no other force to promote the upward movement of the rotary kiln cylinder, and the upward force must be generated by the non-parallel installation of the supporting wheel axis relative to the rolling ring.

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